My precious self

So before i start bitching about everything in life and world in general i feel like i should introduce myself. I am a 21 year old girl, who lives in Germany, originally croatian.

I moved to Germany when i was 15 and had to start all over again at the biggest rage of hormones. So while finding out who i am i also had to find my place in this new country, new school, new culture, new language which was both terrifiying and exciting. As i am probably the most social awkward person alive i spent my days watching make up tutorials and conspiracy theory videos which probably messed me up even more #illuminati.

I am in general thankful for my life, yes i lived through some things, yes it hasn’t been easy but i am proud of who i am and who am i yet to become. I sing, i write, i take pictures, i am extremely bad at math and i love a good wine.

I am a proud catmom and they basically replace my need for love from human beings. I just realized this is turning out to be a really long unnecessary Tinder biography so i’ll stop here.

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