Pro Choice

I didn’t write anything lately cause i haven’t been feeling really passionate about writing recently but there is this topic that fills me with pure rage.

I don’t live in the U.S.A. but to know that there is a country in this world where 25 MEN decide what woman is supposed to do with their body just makes me ANGRY. And it does affect me and all the women around the world because i think on every continent and in every country there are people who think it’s ok to decide on how the women should live. So fuck that.

There have been pictures going around of a 10 weeks old FETUS that if it would come out it would literally be a clump of blood, it has facial features, 10 fingers ect. let me break it to you THE FETUS IS NOT ABLE TO LIVE ON IT’S OWN! I work in a Gynecology department and i can assure you that the doctors now consider 22 weeks the earliest gestational age when a baby is “viable,” or able to survive outside the womb. But this is still extremely premature, and a baby born at this age will need a great deal of medical attention. Even if he survives, the risk of permanent disability is very high. So even at 22 weeks it is questionable if the baby is going to survive. So cut the crap how 10 weeks old fetus is a baby or a human being and how it should have more rights than a living grown human being which is the woman carrying it. A 10 weeks old fetus doesn’t have or a 6 weeks old EMBRYO is not a BABY it has less than 1% of survival without using someone elses cardio vascular system.

So tell me how does removing of a blood clump deserve a bigger punishment than 95% of the rapist and pedophiles? How can a doctor who does an abortion for a woman who has been raped and left pregnant deserve bigger punishment than the rapist? Are you all completely out of your fucking mind? How does incest, rape and so on have more understanding than a woman who doesn’t want to have a child??????? HOW?!? How is it okay for 25 fucking MEN to decide what the hell women do with their bodies? What century do we live in? Until when is there going to be a war against women and no not women rights but fucking human rights to make a choice which the individual thinks it’s the best for them?

I know so many women who had an abortion out of various reasons and it was not an easy journey for none of them, but did they manage to continue to make their dreams, careers, college and so on come true? Yes they fucking did and there is not a single doubt in my mind that one day when they decide to be mothers they will be the bomb as moms and to hell some of them already are moms and are happy because they were not FORCED to give a birth to a child they didn’t want. So often we see how there was a baby left in the forest or on the street or it was found dead/killed, now that is a murder yes because it was a human being capable to survive out of the womb and do you know how to prevent those awful things? By allowing the women to decide if they want this child or not, because the baby at 40 weeks is capable of living, 10 weeks old fetus is not.

All of you who call yourselves pro lifers, you are all bullshiting the whole world and yourselves, because you don’t give two flying fucks about what happens to kids after they are born. How many kids did you adopt from orphanage and took under your roof? How many kids did you pick up from the street and gave them a loving home? HOW MANY FUCKING LIVES OF THOSE CHILDREN WHO ARE LEFT ALONE IN A FUCKING ORPHANAGE DID YOU SAVE??? None. Because you don’t give a shit, you just want to control, you don’t care what kind of lifes those children have when they grow up in a orphanage and when they’re 18 they’re kicked out and left alone in this world. You don’t care how many of them start doing drugs or have to go into prostitution because they have no other choice. You don’t care how they live in a poverty, you don’t care that they never had a loving home, you don’t GIVE A SHIT that they never knew what LOVE means. So don’t come at me at tell me how you are pro life because i call bullshit on it. Children who grow up in the system are children who are forgotten because they are not wanted, not wanted by their monthers and not wanted by any of you pro life bullshiters. That’s the sad truth as hard and as raw as it is but it’s the truth.

So yes it is the right thing to do to let the women decide if they want to be a mother or not. Whatever they do it does not affect your life in any way, it is her body, her trauma that she has to go through while giving a birth, because birth as miraculous as it is, it is a traumatic experience for the body. Let them decide, it is not such a hard thing to do, to just let humans have their rights of freedom and ability to choose what is the best for them.

And if we are going to take that ” if the god wants it that way it should be that way” card then i vote for viagra to be completely dismissed. Because if God wanted a man to be impotent then so should it be. Why is it since the begging of the times that men have more rights, more privilege than women do? And now they have the right to decide what we do with our bodies and weather we are ready or not ready for a child? No. You wanna ban Abortion and punish the doctors who pursue them with 10-99 years in jail? Fine, then every father of the child who dismisses the child is supposed to get the same punishment 10-99 years in jail for abandoning HIS child. It’s all about equality. You wanna force women to be mothers then force men to be the fathers as well. EQUALITY.

People say women should stop having sex then, do men only have sex when they want to concieve a child? DO THEY? I don’t think so. So stop being a hypocrite and get your facts and use the logic before you open your mouth.

We did invent all of those things like IVF for the people who can’t conceive a child on their on, Viagra for men who have troubles with impotency , Birth Control Pills, IUD’s and so on to prevent from pregnancies but understand that none of those things we use a protection is 100% safe, after pills are not 100% safe so unwanted pregnancies do happen and we should give those women an opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to do.

One last thing:

If you are against abortions then don’t have one.

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